New Automation Technology

03.12.20 | Adwen Technology, Germany: 10 years of alpha ventus with PC-based wind turbine control
Ten years ago, Germany entered the era of offshore wind energy generation with the inauguration of the alpha ventus project. In this interview, Bernd Zickert of Adwen Technology talks about the use of PC-based technology from Beckhoff in these systems. Learn more

01.12.20 | PC-based control combined with strain sensors for monitoring rotor blades in wind turbines
A digital measurement chain is a prerequisite for high-performance condition monitoring in wind turbines. Find out in this interview with Matthias Finke (Leine & Linde) how this has been achieved in the case of ESR strain sensors in conjunction with PC-based control. Learn more

30.11.20 | Annual interview with Hans Beckhoff: 40 years of innovations
Hans Beckhoff spoke about our many innovations with the editor-in-chief of Open Automation. The interview also covered two anniversaries: 40 years of Beckhoff Automation and 25 years of Bus Terminal I/O. Learn more

27.11.20 | Interactive Automation Days: Watch our videos in the archive now!
Technology shows, presentations, expert roundtables: For three days, we have been broadcasting live from our Beckhoff studio. Did you miss the Interactive Automation Days or would like to watch our program again? We recorded everything for you. Learn more

27.11.20 | Webinar: power supplies
Compact, powerful, reliable: These are the characteristics of Beckhoff power supplies. We present the basics and special features of our product portfolio in a webinar. Learn more

26.11.20 | Interactive Automation Days: Third day
To conclude our Interactive Automation Days, everything revolves today around the topic of cloud-based and data-based automation. In addition, the Beckhoff experts present our new generation of highly dynamic linear servomotors. Registrations are possible at any time. Learn more

25.11.20 | Interactive Automation Days: second day
Innovative and intelligent automation: that is the title of today's live stream agenda for our Interactive Automation Days. Our experts present the Beckhoff XPlanar planar motor system and talk about our TwinCAT software system. Registrations are possible at any time. Learn more

24.11.20 | Interactive Automation Days: first day
Our Interactive Automation Days celebrate their premiere: today, our live stream agenda is concerned with flexible and modular automation. Among other things, our experts present the Beckhoff product portfolio of power supplies and our ultra-compact Industrial PC generation. Registrations are possible at any time. Learn more

23.11.20 | Interactive Automation Days: Sign up!
The live stream agenda of our Interactive Automation Days includes technology shows, daily presentations and expert roundtables. We are broadcasting live from our Beckhoff studio from November 24 to 26, 2020. All topics and schedules are shown in the agenda overview. Learn more

23.11.20 | Missed the webinar?
Did you miss our webinar “Control of LEDs with current-controlled EtherCAT Terminals”? We recorded it for you. Learn more